You’ve probably heard it said that our youth are the future of the church. Teens are on the brink of the responsibilities of adulthood, so we like to give them opportunities to be taught not just what the Bible says, but how to study it, apply it and then how to serve. Currently we have a Sunday morning class for teens, and one specifically for middle school girls. Several of our older youth attend midweek small groups as well.

Servanthood is an important part of being Christlike, so we encourage our young, faithful students to serve in a variety of areas: Audio Visual, Children’s Ministries, Music Ministry, preparing and serving refreshments, assisting the elderly, and off-grounds projects for people with needs. Annually they have opportunity to serve alongside out sister church when they come minister to us at our Vacation Bible Adventure. In the afternoons our approved, trained teens also help with community service projects all around Waldport.

Our special annual events for our teens to participate in as students or helpers include Fishing Derby, Summer Camp, Mini Retreats, and Vacation Bible Adventure. Last year we had Agape Mondays, which included singing praises around and cooking over a bonfire, lawn games, bible study and prayer.

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